Setting an Example – AT&T and It’s Success Story

There are a lot of technology related companies out there that have gained popularity for their success. While most would immediately think of Facebook or Apple or Bill Gates, etc., here I am, thinking and being envious about the success of AT&T.

Known as one of the top brands in the telecommunications industry, AT&T is a pioneer in the mobile services and is based in Whitacre Tower, Dallas, Texas. The company started its business in 1983, under its original name – Southwestern Bell Corporation. It operated under that name until 1995, when they changed to SBC Communications Inc.

How is it to wake up one day to the richness that is AT&T Inc.? But of course,simply knowing about its short history tells us that the company’s success was not generated overnight, and it certainly was not achieved through sleeping through the days.

Now, as the third largest company in Texas, and as part of the top 25 leading telecommunications companies, the company is proud to be serving over 250 million customers.

Beyond its name, the company is highly sought-after by customers because it is one of the trusted brands. Its efficient service has gained the company more competent employees, and of course, loyal clients. No matter the increase in competition and the difficulty of power play and overall business handling, AT&T survives and rises from all the chaos to remain as one of the most known and trusted telecommunication brands.

The services has since then expanded. From mobile services, it now also provides IP-based services to its customers. Both the private and government sectors are very confident in hiring AT&T for its services. They remain at traditional standards, while also being competitive enough and innovative enough to rise beyond the competition, despite the ever-changing “mood” of the technology industry.

While we all continue to work on our own pace, we should all take a tip or two from the success of this company. Know that there is no room for giving up, especially if you aim to be part of the biggest names in the world. Failures are nothing but a part of success, and the only way for you to truly fail is to quit. Hence, savor the losses and learn from the experience. Sooner or later, we will wake up to the riches we deserve; wake up to the riches we worked hard to achieve.


The Perks of Knowing an SEO Expert


I received an e-mail asking if I know of any SEO expert within the Anniston Area. He was hoping to hire a trusted SEO expert to handle the rankings of his local shop.

It brings me great pleasure to be able to help people, and it is even more heartwarming that through this simple blog, people have the chance to get together and communicate, as well as ask for help and give help.

At first I thought that I could just give him what he needs through a private message as well. However, I later realize that there might be others out there who are also in search for the same thing, but are just too skeptical and cautious to be messaging a stranger about it.

Hence, I have decided to post the contact details of a reputable SEO in the the Anniston area (click here for a map to SEO in Anniston, for those who wants to pay a personal visit).

This SEO expert has been like a teacher to me. I met him because I am friends with one of his clients. My friend, who runs a local water damage company, is very satisfied with the SEO work that his expert has been able to provide for him. Hence, I am sure that he will be able to provide the same excellent service to others in the are that are in need of SEO experts.

You can also visit for more information about this particular SEO expert and find out what his achievements have been in the past years that he has worked for various clients in the area.

Also, for those who still do not have a full understanding on what SEO is and what it can give you and your local business, you can give a few minutes to watch the video below and learn more:

Powers of the Internet: Helping People Solve Water Damage Problems

The internet has become such a powerful thing that it has not only become a great source of income for a lot of people, but it has also been the “great provider of answers” to people seeking out help during their every days.

Today, people cannot simply say “I don’t know” when faced with a question or a problem, because more often than not, whatever the issue may be, the internet can provide answers to it.

Of course, there are still a lot about the human condition that a computer cannot address. But, for a lot of other things, you can greatly rely on the World Wide Web to help you find the answers.

One great example of this is how the internet is such a great source of information for people to be aware about water damage – its implications, how to prevent it, and how to contact experts that could help solve any and all water damage problems that come someone’s way.

What it does is that it provides people with websites that are able to answer different water damage questions: How to prevent water damage? What is the best water damage company in our area? How much will a water damage repair cost?

People should be cautious when searching the internet for answers to water damage problems

Image Credit:

These are just but some of the issues that the internet can provide answers to, as long as a person knows how to research with caution.

Caution is necessary because while the internet is a great source for information, if one is not careful, it could also be one’s source if misguided information. Thus, when using the internet to search for any information, vigilance must also be exercise in order to determine which sites are giving valuable information and which are providing false data.

How Online Marketing Can Make You Rich and Avoid Buying Water Damaged Properties

One of the best ways to let people know that you have succeeded in life is when you are able to buy your own house.

Some are blessed enough to be born in riches, hence, owning a new house is no big deal for them. However, for most of us, financial stability was not something innate. We had to work hard, or, we are still working hard, in order to attain that level of financial security.

This is the reason why I got into the business that promised great revenue – online marketing and business.

online business success in SEO leads to ability to purchase a home free from water damage

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There are many ways that you can earn online, There is SEO, social media marketing, online advertising, gaming, software production, etc. You can also open online shops and sell goods and services that stores also offer, the difference is, people won’t have to leave their homes in order to shop, because you brought shopping to them. Whatever you decide to venture into using the powers of the World Wide Web, as long as you do it right, then you can be sure that great money would soon come your way.

Success while working from your home is something that is also greatly appealing when working online, hence, more and more people are venturing into this business.

When the time comes that you have hit it great through online marketing and business, then you can go ahead and be confident in buying a home of your own. You can be hire experts to construct your home, or you can have a flexible budget, allowing you to choose quality houses that are free from issues like water damage and other problems.

Find the courage to try online marketing now. If you have no idea how to start, there are a lot of local experts ready to provide workshops and seminars so that you can learn the ins and outs of the business and figure out for yourself if you have what it takes to succeed online.

How SEO Experts Prevent Water Damage

How do SEO experts prevent water damage?

The answer is simply working hard to have the money to be able to hire experts on water damage problems.

rich man affords a water damage-free house

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Water damage hits the homes of everyone, rich or average. It all comes down to how things are going to be dealt with in terms of maintenance and hiring experts that will make sure such damages do not occur in one’s home.

Having said that, it is a given that regular home inspection is a must. However, you should not only focus on the indoor pipes, sinks, and appliances, you also need to inspect the outdoor structure of the property. You have to pay particular attention to the gutter, down spouts, and eaves. There could be a blockage or clog that hinders the water from moving to the right direction. Examine the trim and siding for any signs of discoloration. If there is a definitive discoloration, then there is a possibility that water enters your home, which also means that your property is susceptible to water damage.

As a home owner, you have to make it a habit to have your property inspected on a routine basis, especially if you feel like there is a problem. Do not wait for the problem to go big before you take the necessary action. You can do the routine check and maintenance on your own, but make sure that it is professionally checked twice a year. It could mean additional money out of your pocket, but if you worked hard, then you have every right to spend on these kinds of things. Plus, it will surely prevent expensive repair in the future. Also, a home is considered a real estate investment, that means you can re-sell it if you want to, which becomes another source of riches for you. Thus, taking good care of your home will also serve as an investment.